ManpowerCorp serves both large and small organizations across all industries through our network of offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam –primarily focused in Asia.

About Us

ManpowerCorp is the leader in innovative workforce solutions, connecting human capital to the power up businesses through technology.

ManpowerCorp serves both large and small organizations across all industries through our network of offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam –primarily focused in Asia. With deep insight and local expertise, ManpowerCorp partners with clients to accelerate and to power up their business by providing the people and services that will raise their bench strength quality, productivity, efficiency and skills competencies of their total workforce.

We are earnestly developing and aligning our human capital businesses- from searches, recruitment, outsourcing, training development to manpower portal business- aiming towards a fully integrated business model. We aim to build a sustainable jobs and opportunities eco-system that will enrich working lives.

Leveraging our worldwide reach and our local expertise to enable our clients reach out to a broader group of talents. By nurturing partnerships with everyone we work with, we develop unique relationships that will power success for both our candidates and clients.

We power their successes. When our partners — the organizations and people we work with — succeed, we succeed. Our business is everything about people. Enabling people.

Our business is in human capital. First and always.

Vision & Values

OUR VISION is to be the leading human capital provider and management company in Asia.

OUR MISSION is to focus in the development of people to become valued contributors to societies at the same time optimizing their life and career options so as to enable them to work in international contexts and to bridge them to paths of better future.


Healthcare Practice

ManpowerCorp is an international recruiter for healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry bringing healthcare professionals to serve our healthcare clusters in Singapore and other countries. By hiring these specialty healthcare professionals from various countries, we bridge and close competency and manpower gaps for the hospital groups we serve. We know the market and can develop specific hiring strategies for our healthcare clients.

Offshore & Marine Practice

ManpowerCorp is a key recruiter for the main shipyards in Singapore deploying thousands of skilled and semi-skilled workers yearly. The differentiating strength of ManpowerCorp lies in its franchises and training facilities in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

ManpowerCorp Technical Institute develops its own curriculum and competency standards for welding, steel and pipe fitting, electrical fitting and other roles. Workplace and shipyard safety including basic English skills are part of its curriculum. By applying sound recruitment and ethical recruitment methodologies, ManpowerCorp has been operating successfully in the process, offshore and marine industry with highly qualified and experienced staff and partners at the helm.

Manufacturing Practice

ManpowerCorp's manufacturing practice is our specialist division dedicated to the recruitment of manufacturing professionals across all industries from engineers to technicians and operators.

Our recruiters understand local nuances and global trends and have deep industry knowledge, both in manufacturing services and executive recruiting. Our expertise makes us the perfect complement to our clients. Our ManpowerCorp's franchises' geographic reach and industry knowledge depth provide our clients with the experience and breadth necessary to staff appropriately and efficiently.

Service & Hospitality Practice

At ManpowerCorp, we are a specialist recruiters in the field of service & hospitality; an expert in a niche market of serving the integrated resorts with casino operations in Singapore. We are able to provide a tailored, professional service to clients and candidates.

What makes ManpowerCorp stands apart is our holistic, through-the-line service delivery. Apart from recruitment, we have in place a robust training organization that trains workers prior to deployment to ground. Our courses include Personal Grooming, Service Excellence, Go the Extra Mile in Service Delivery and Basic and Conversational English. We design and align our courses according to the national competency standards.

Our Expertise

Executive Search

Our proven recruitment, assessment and selection methods ensure that we identify the talents needed by our clients through either retained search, contingency search or confidential advertised selection.

We place strong focus on driving right fit to clients' capabilities and bench strengths to enhance their overall organizational capabilities. Better engagement, retention and productivity gains at work is always work in progress with evolving schemes and benefits and we work with clients to ensure that they are align with worldwide best practices and capabilities.

We search for our clients' win in their industry sector.

Permanent Recruitment/ Career Management

Talent acquisition- starting from pooling, interviewing, testing and selection- is a long process where human capital is assessed and selected based on fit to organizations. Over the years, PeopleWorldwide has developed our proven recruitment, assessment and selection methods to ensure that we identify the talents correctly. We develop our own portal to aggregate resumes and talents' profiles.

Workforce Training and Professional Development

Developing a full array of resources, from online training to customized programs for clients, PeopleWorldwide ensure that the training intervention will augment and strengthen the strengths of the candidates and staffs so that they are able to contribute more effectively to clients' organization.

Industrial & Technical Training/ Recruitment

Industrial recruitment is a specialized trade which is a skilled-based search for workers from our network of PeopleWorldwide's franchises in China, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Nepal.

We develop our own training facilities in various countries and territories with customized curriculums and competency standards.

Business Process Outsourcing

We provide innovative outsourcing solutions across a wide range of disciplines. Our key service offering include Talent-based Outsourcing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Managed Service Provider Solutions and Borderless Talent Solutions – from handling sourcing, background verifications, skills training to payroll, insurance, statutory contribution and welfare and benefits management.

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